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Link to the Shanzi Dogs UK Emmi webstore
Photo of an Emmi Pet

Exclusive Directory

Marcasite Poodles Blog

Photo of poodles
Follow Devon (UK) based Amy and her gorgeous poodles.

 Kims Fancy Bits

butterfly logo for Kims Fancy Bits website

Kims Fancy Bits is just that, fancy gifts, jewellery, dog gifts and much more.

(And Shanzi Dogs personal opinion- Please do check out the snuffle mats. Lovely colours and really reasonably priced too)!

Reiki From Jay
photos of candles and gemstones
Reiki From Jay is a UK based website specialising in distance reiki healing and reiki charged items at affordable prices.
Distance reiki is very beneficial to dogs and all animals.

KS Cleaning Contractors

Dagenham (in Essex) based window cleaners.

Shanzi Naturals
Natural and herbal items for people, pets and home

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