keep your dog cool this summer

Now that summer is here, we are to expect lots of hot weather and it is important to make sure we keep our dogs happy and healthy throughout. Here are a few tips to help make sure your dog stays cool and does not overheat. 

  1.  On days when a heatwave is forecast, only walk your dog before sunrise or after sunset. Remember, it is okay to skip walks completely during the hot weather. you may even find your dog will prefer this. 
  2.  On the days it is ok to walk but is still hot, stick to shaded areas such as woodlands and keep off of the concrete/pavement.  Remember to take plenty of water for your dog. 
  3. Avoid strenuous walks and exercise. 
  4. Make sure your dog has plenty of shaded area in the garden. even on hot days 5 or 10 minutes is okay to pop outside for fresh air and toilet breaks but shaded areas are a must.
  5. Purchase a cool mat or vest for your dog or alternatively a wet towel to lay on our drape over your dog is good too. 
  6. Providing an extra water bowl with added electrolytes is a good thing to help give your dog that extra boost on very hot days. Try Shanzi Naturals Pet Electrolyte.

Signs your dog may be overheating include heavy panting, excessive thirst, glazed eyes, vomiting/diarrhoea, bright or dark red tongue and gums, unsteadiness, high temperature, weakness, increased heart rate, unconsciousness, drooling and seizures. Consult with a vet immediately if you think your dog may be showing signs of overheating.

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